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Student Career Academy gives you the exact steps to take to get your first job after graduation (even if you don’t know what you want to do or have any idea how to get there) | Leanne Ross

You’re used to being on top of your game: captain of the team, president of the organization, top of your class, champion of the cause…

But now that you have the whole world in front of you, you have no idea what to do next. 

Everyone keeps giving you advice: 

"Follow your passion!" 

"Do what makes you happy."

"If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." 

And those people are right. But no one seems to be giving you the actual strategies or skills to actually find and get a job that reflects your passion. 

If you want to have a job offer before the end of your final year of college, but googling around for free advice has made you feel stressed out and overwhelmed…

If you’re looking for practical tips and a step-by-step process to help you identify what career is right for you and actually find a job in your field of interest… 

If you want to gain the confidence to pursue and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, without procrastinating until the last possible moment… 

If you want to end stop feeling anxious and overwhelmed about your job search, and actually take control of what you’re going to do next… 

Then Student Career Academy is right for you.

Student Career Academy is a step-by-step online program that teaches you how to find internships and jobs while you're in school, so you can easily land a job you love after you graduate.

This flexible online program shows you exactly HOW to:

  • Find your purpose and turn your passions into a career you want to pursue

  • Gain the confidence and motivation you need to reach your goals

  • Build your own step-by-step Career Action Plan so that you always know "what's next"

  • Develop your own personal brand, online and in person

  • Create a killer LinkedIn profile to help you start networking and building connections now

  • Write a resume that stands out and gets you interviews

  • Land an internship without having to apply to every business in a 100-mile radius

  • Negotiate and land a job you love after graduation (where you earn what you deserve!)

Student Career Academy is taught by Leanne Ross, Founder and CEO of IVY LADDER
Get the exact steps and strategies that high-achieving students use to land rewarding jobs after college 

What Other Students Are Saying About This Program:

"Everyone wants to grow up and get a job, but most don't know where to start. Everything you need is in this program - there's so much good information! I was able to follow the lessons and loved all the homework because it made me really research, practice, and prepare. It was a lot of work, but by the end I was able to have a solid plan for my life. Most of all, it gave me confidence and the motivation to reach my goals. Everyone needs this! Trust the program and your entire career will be mapped out as a result of it!"

- Carly Bartes, Grand Valley State University Sophomore

"In high school, everyone has this one clear cut goal in mind - go to college.  Then it's really different once you get to college, and there is no clear cut next step.  It's scary but liberating, because now you have a choice and can pick your own path.  This program helped to give me clarity to know my next steps and build a roadmap to achieve my goals.  I loved that it was super honest and real. It didn't sugar coat anything like most resources do, but told me the truth I needed to hear about what the job market is really like. It will 100% help me to land a job I love and positively impact others after I graduate."

- Camille N'Diaye-Muller, Harvard University Junior

"Before starting this program, I was anxious about the whole career search process. The Student Career Academy program helped explain every step of the process and allowed me to become confident in myself. Now I'm not afraid to reach out to people so I can network and open doors of opportunity for me."

- Chris Diana, St. Lawrence University Recent Graduate

"I knew the job search process was really important, but I wasn't really sure how to go about it beyond a basic resume and cover letter. This program gave me a better sense of exactly what the entire process looks like, both big picture and the smaller steps to take to get there.  I feel significantly more solid about every part now.  I definitely give the program 5 stars and recommend it to anyone in college!"

- Becca Ramos, Harvard University Senior

Instead of feeling stressed out and anxious about what the months after graduation have in store for you, you can:

  • Feel confident that you’ve explored your options and found a career field that matches your interests

  • Know exactly which steps to take to reach out to someone for an informational interview-- getting your foot in the door wherever you want to work

  • Take advantage of our honest, practical, real-world advice about what hiring managers are looking for (and what to avoid).

If you’re looking for one clear step you can take towards starting a meaningful career after college, then Student Career Academy is THE online program that gives you total freedom and flexibility to complete it whenever you have time.

Questions you might have…

1. How does the program work?

The Self-Guided Program gives you access to 4 Modules, each with 3 to 5 video lessons and accompanying homework. You watch a video lesson (typically 3–20 minutes long), and then complete the homework to apply what you learned to your specific situation.

2. What if I want a little more attention and help?

The Group Coaching Cohort would be a great option for you. You get the Self-Guided Program, along with a list of additional features including:

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group to ask questions and get feedback 

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with your instructor, Leanne Ross

  • Interviews with experts, hiring managers, and examples of different successful career paths

3. How do I access the program?

Once you start your free trial of the program, you can access to it from a laptop, tablet or smartphone – pretty much anywhere as long as you have an internet or WIFI connection. When you log in, you’re able to watch all the videos and download all of the homework assignments. You can edit them as PDFs or print them out and do them on paper. It’s your choice as we don’t collect any of the homework. The program is available 24/7 for you to use whenever is convenient for you.

4. Who is this program right for?

Student Career Academy was specifically designed for students in high school and college. Our past students have ranged in age from 16-22. If you are extremely ambitious and mature, you could consider completing the program at a slightly younger age. You could also complete the program if you’re older, but much of the language the program uses is geared towards internships and jobs while you’re in school. Most of our past students agree that 16-20 is the perfect time to complete it.

Students need to want to actually participate, and not be forced by someone begrudgingly. If you’re not going to be engaged in the process, then this isn’t for you right now. It’s a lot of work, and you need to be willing to participate fully to get the most out of the program.

5. What if I already know what career I want to pursue? Would this be a waste of my time and money?

This program is still for you. Our past students that already knew what they wanted to do agree that it was a great investment for them. In addition to identifying the right career path, you still will learn how to build a specific plan on how to get there, as well as learn all of the practical skills needed to land a job.

6. What if I have already had an internship? Am I too advanced for this program?

Good for you! That’s a great place to be, but you will still benefit a TON from the program. We have had past students in the same situation that still learned a lot and benefited from completing the program. There are so many real world tips and tricks throughout, that everyone learns something.

7. Isn’t there a ton of free info available? Can’t I just google this stuff? Or go to my campus career center?
You’re right there is a lot available on these topics – some good, and some not so good. It’s hard to be able to distinguish the good from the bad if you don’t even know what you’re looking for. This program doesn’t just give you the free info that’s available online – it provides a proven step-by-step process that guides you start to finish, using credible up to date information on what hiring managers are looking for now. It’s so much more than blog posts and questionable templates….it transforms our students!

Ready to get started? 

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The videos contained in your free trial of the Student Career Academy will:

  • Shift your mindset about how to find jobs after college
  • Teach you how to find the right people to ask for information interviews and give you the exact strategies you can use to reach out to them
  • Help you find open positions that aren’t listed publicly by tapping into your personal network, and
  • Give you tips on how to build your personal brand.


Even if you are super shy and introverted…

If you’re already crazy busy and hardly have time to sleep...

Or you think you don’t know anyone worth knowing…

This 16 day free trial of the Student Career Academy program can help you take control of your job search and land a job you love.


I hope you take advantage of this limited time free trial of the Student Career Academy, so you can see amazing results and confidence like our past students have. You have the entire world in front of you...now is the time to take charge and invest in your future so that you can build a career and a life that you love...one that not only makes you happy, but can help you to positively impact the lives of others and your own financial future. I know you have it in you...now unleash it and live out your full potential! I hope to be able to guide you on your transformational journey!

Leanne Ross
Leanne Ross
Founder & CEO




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